The four stages

four stages
  • 1. Pipe build

    Use the pipe sections to link the house with the mains water supply as fast as you can.

    There may be only one way to dodge the bits and bobs that get in your way so plan ahead on later, trickier levels.

  • 2. Fix the leak

    Water is precious and we hate to waste it. Don't let our clean drinking water escape.

    Let Spanners help you to spot any leaks and fix them.

  • 3. Sewer build

    Once water is used, we need to get it into the sewers — over a billion litres every day.

    Use the pipe sections to get rid of the waste, avoid the obstacles and try to find the shortest route you can.

  • 4. Zap the fat

    Lardy the Fatman hates to see drains clogged up with fat, oil and grease.

    With Spanners' help, spot the blockages in your drains and clear them quickly to put a smile back on Lardy's face.


The Southern Water region


Southern Water is one of the largest water companies in the South East. It supplies drinking water to more than a million homes and treats and recycles wastewater from two million households across Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Every year, the company spends millions of pounds to maintain and improve services for its customers — from building new water mains and sewers to fixing leaks and clearing blocked pipes. You can do all of these in Pipe Dash.